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Birthday Wishes 

When you hear the phrase birthday, the next thought come yours is mind is wishes, blessings, gifts, surprises, and whatnot. Birthday is days which is not only special for birthday boy/birthday girl but for everyone who is close to him/her.

Here's a question how can we make it memorable one?? How to surprise birthday boy/girl in unique ways?? How to make a birthday special for the birthday boy/girl?? So here are the simple answers to your questions, first wish them with warm and lovely wishes with quotes, poem, GIF, and saiyari. The second thing you can organize a surprise party, prepare handmade birthday cards, make a video and give gifts.

Best 25 Happiest  Birthday Wishes For Best Friends
  • God know that our mother cannot handle us together so on same date he had snd to these world. Happy birthday to me and to you( best friend)
  • Best compliment I have got to hear is that we are not sister by blood instead we are sister by soul.Happiest birthday to my soul sister
  • Today I will give a gift to you that I will stick witg you like a octopus forever even after a death happy birthday my better half
  • On this day, I got best thing in my life and that is you. Happy birthday to the best person I have ever known.
  • You are my backbone, my confidence, and my everything, you mean world to me happiesttttttt birthday to my lifeline.
  • The best thing about you is you.happy birthday bestii
  • Friends come and go but the one who always stick to you is your best friend, that one is you for me. Happy birthday bestiie
  • For everyone, today is just ordinary day but for me today is a day to cherish every year. Happy birthday 
  • Your birthday make my realize that old is gold, happy birthday to my true friend
  • For everyone today is your birthday but for me today is our friendship day happy birthday partner.
  • Today is not just your birthday but a day of Thanksgiving to your parents for gifting me a world craziest creatures as my best friend
  • Happiest birthday to a typewriter of my love life. Happy birthday sweetheart
  • Happy birthday to craziest, insane, talented and witty person I have ever known in the world.Happy birthday to the mirror of my life. 
  • Happy birthday to a person who reminds me a lot to myself.
  • One of the special day for me is your birthday and its not just a birthday but a day to forget all sorrow and say Cheers to another year Happy birthday bestii
  • One of the special day for me is your birthday, as say seasons come and go but a friend like you never always stays the same. Happy birthday to forever person
  • Happy birthday to the best forever person which everyone wish to have in a life.
  • I can count a days month years but I can't count the memories, smiles, and sorrows we have lived and shared together to date.
  • You are a person whom I can count without a second thought. Happy birthday lifeline
  • For everyone today is your birthday but for me, every day is your birthday because your birthday gives me a reason to celebrate our friendship. Happy birthday partner
25 Best Happy birthday Wishes For Brother

Birthday is a day everyone cherishes throughout a year till their next birthday. on this day everyone gives them little more attention, care, and love. Today is their day because everyone pampered and shower love with blessings in form of wishes. Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother. For some people, birthdays are the just ordinary day but it's our responsibility to make is memorable one by wishing and surprising.

1. Happy birthday to the little lad whom i have seen growing up to a wonderful man. Happy birthday brother.

2. Birthdays might come and go, but you will always be special to me. Wishing you all the luck and love. Happy Birthday brother.

3. A brother is someone who takes care of you like a father and loves you unconditionally. Happy birthday to the best brother ever.

4. My brother and i might fight throughout the day but still he'll always be there to pick me up when things go wrong. Happy birthday brother.

5. Today is your day my brother, so enjoy it to the fullest and do not forget to be a little more wiser. Happy Birthday.

6. My mother was blessed to have a son like you. You are truly a perfect man. Happy birthday brother.

7. Happy birthday brother. Live long and make your life worthwhile. 

8. May the blessings of God shower upon you on this day and you enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday brother from your little sister.

9. We grew up together and learnt all the little things. I still remember everything. Haopy birthday brother, lets make more memories.

10. I am thankful to God for sending me a brother like you. Honestly, you are the best thing to happen to us. Happy birthday.

11. Anything i write or say will fall short because you are that special to me and your birthday is the most awaited day of the year for me. Happy birthday brother.

12. Blow the candles and wish for the things you aspire. May your day be filled with fun and love. Happy birthday brother.

13. You might be stupid, yet you are mine and your birthday is also special to me. Happy birthday to my crazy brother.

14. Stupidity and you go hand in hand but that does not stop me from loving you. Happy birthday to the best brother one can have.

15. Finding a brother like you was the best part of my life. Wish you a very happy birthday brother.

16. My brother's birthday is like my own birthday. I love you to the moon and back brother, happy birthday.

17. Wishing you a very happy birthday lazy lad. May your day be less gloomy and more fun.

18. You are ageing with every year but your sister will love you no matter what. Happy birthday brother, stay blessed and happy.

19. Birthdays come every year to make us remember how the one person means so much to us. Happy birthday lifeline, you are truly the best brother.

20. Growing up with you was the best part of my childhood. Now, lets grow old together brother. Happy birthday.

21. Happiest birthday to the person who always has my back and will never leave me alone crying. Happy birthday brother.

22. If i can gift you anything i would surely gift you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Happy birthday brother.

23. My brother is the most special person to me, his birthday is even more special. Happy birthday brother.

24. Happy birthday brother, grow up to be a man whom everyone admires. May all your hard work pays off.

25. Wishing a very happy birthday to the man who always made me realise that not every men are same. Happy birthday brother.

Happy Birthday Wishes To Sister

Birthdays come and go but the memories of birthday remain fresh till next birthday and till eternity. On this day everyone gets a chance to celebrate their bond between with birthday boy/girl.

For everyone birthdays have their own importance like for parents birthday of their child is their unbound box of happiness, for friends birthday, are like birthday bumps party and whatnot, for siblings birthdays are sweet jealousy for some and for some born of their partner in crime, so for everyone birthdays are source of happiness to their world.

1. Happy birthday to my another mother  From your baby sister.

2.Happy birthday to the most important person in my life... without you i m incomplete sister

3. Happy birthday to my "Partner in Crime"  

4. Happy birthday to the person with whome I can share my all secrets

5.Happy birthday to the most beautiful sister in the world

6. Happy birthday to the most understanding sister without you i m nothing.

7.Happy birthday to the advisor of my life who has helped me to overcome every situation.

8. Happy birthday to my selfie partner since childhood.

9. Happy birthday to my piggy bank. You have always my back.

10. I was not perfect but you have made me perfect by your perfection. Happy birthday to my perfect sister.

11. Happy birthday to my cutest sister without whom my life would have been incomplete.

12. On your birthday i wanna tell you that you are the greatest gift of my life sister happy birthday to you.

13. Happy birthday to my first friend, my first enemy, and my second mother.

14. We fight regularly but deep inside we are best friends.Happy birthday to my craziest sister.

15. Sister, you mean the world to me, I am blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday baby sister

16. Happy birthday to the eyewitness of my every adventure.

17. Happy birthday to my partner of tasting different types of food.

18. The crying situation of every love story was with you. Happy birthday to you sister.

19. Happy birthday to my first girlfriend, without you i m nothing sister.

20. Happy birthday to the sister who always has managed all my difficulties.

21. Happy birthday to my fashion designer, you have made me beautiful person in every way.

22. Happy birthday to my shopping partner who always has choosen the right one which suits me.

23. Happy birthday to the sister who always have stand beside me being my backbone.

24. You are the helping hand to fulfil all my dreams. Happy birthday to my gorgeous sister.

25. Happy birthday to the medicine of my sickness who always has made me smile.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Father

1. Happy birthday to the first man i fell in love with and the only man who will love me no matter what. Happy birthday father.

2. Father is the pillar of strength. He is the backbone of every family. Happy birthday father, its your day today and i want you to live it large.

3. Dear father, whatever i am today is all because of you and your support. Happy birthday to you, lots of love.

4. Your support made me what i am today and will always strengthen me in future. Wishing the best father in the world a very happy birthday.

5. From teaching how to ride a bicycle to teaching how to drive a car, you have been there throughout. Happy birthday father.

6. You are the person i look up to whenever something goes wrong and i find you beside me always. Happy birthday father i wish you get all the happiness in the world.

7. Happy birthday father. I shall make you proud someday. Live long.

8. Happy birthday father, i have always found a true friend in you and i will love you no matter what.

9. Happy birthday to the man whom i admire and who inspires me to be a better person everyday. Happy birthday father.

10. Father is a compliment in itself. Happy birthday to you. You make me proud everyday.

11. Happy birthday to the man who taught me how to live life, its you father. You are the best indeed.

12. Happy birthday father, you are my true friend and guide. I hope you get all that you wish from life.

13. Happy birthday father. I hope to make all your dreams come true one day.

14. Being your daughter has always been my pride. Happy birthfay father. May all the happiness in the world be yours.

15. No matter what, you will always be my shining star among the sky full of darkness, dear father. Happy birthday.

16. Happy birthday to the most handsome man in my life. Nothing can change my love for you. Happy birthday father.

17. Wishing the best father in the world a very happy birthday. No amount of words can describe my love for you.

18. I have always learnt how to stand up when you fall down from you. Happy birthday father. You are my super hero.

19. Happy birthday to my first teacher, who taught me to walk. I love my father more than anything. He is a blessing.

20. You are my bestfriend and i will never have to think about losing you to anyone. Happy birthday father.

21. With each passing birthday i realise that i can never make up for the love you gave me all these years. Happy birthday father.

22. Happy birthday father, your scoldings will always be loved. Stay blessed with happiness.

23. Happy birthday to a man who is a struggler yet never a quitter. Happy birthday father.

24. Happy birthday to my idol. I shall worship you my entire life father. You deserve all the love in the world.

25. Happy birthday father. I shall make this day special and memorable for you. Lots of love and luck.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband 

1. Happy birthday to the man whom i love unconditionally. You deserve all the love in the world. Happy birthday to the perfect husband. 

2. You are the man that every girl deserves and i love you beyond words can ever express. Happy birthday dear husband.

3. My happiness begins from you and it will always end on you. Our marriage has been the best part of my life so far. Happy birthday husband.

4. From sharing the first coffee in the morning with you to having romantic dinners, you are my favourite person to share life with. Happy birthday husband.

5. Getting married to my bestfriend is the best thing that happened to me. Happy birthday to you, continue doing silly things with me throughout the life.

6. Happy birthday to the best husband one can wish for. Your happiness is my reason to smile. Lots of love.

7. Our children will be proud of their father, because you are a gem of a person. Happy birthday to you husband.

8. Wishing the man of my life a very happy birthday. May you be very successfull in all the spheres of life. Love you endlessly.

9. Happy birthday to the love of my life. You have always loved me whenever i have been cranky or moody. You deserve a lot of love than you give out. 

10. Finding you was the most beautiful thing in my life. You happen to be the most charming person i met till date and to share my life with you is the best part of all. Happy birthday dear husband.

11. To the person who deals with all my mood swings and bad temper, a very happy birthday to you my loving husband. I shall make you feel loved and happy today.

12. Today is the day when the best person in my life came into this world. Happy birthday love, continue to make me prouder with your hard work.

13. Happy birthday to the constant of my life. I know i shall find you beside me through thick and thin. You are the best husband.

14. Spending this day together since our marriage has been very special to me always. Happy birthday to my best friend who also happens to be my husband.

15. Happy birthday to my support and the most loyal friend. You are way beyond a husband to me. You are my guide, my friend and my teacher. May you get all the happiness in the world.

16.Happy birthday to the perfect man of my life. You mean the world to me after my parents. I wish you the greatest luck and happiness.

17. You r my greatest support dear, you always back my back. Happy birthday to my husband.

18. For me you are the most handsome man of my life. Happy birthday to my perfect life partner. You are a blessing.

19. Happy birthday to the man without whom my life would have been incomplete and lonely, thanks for everything my dear loving husband. Enjoy this day.

20. Happy birthday to the man who always have stood beside me in every aspects of my life no matter how bad the situation is. Live long.

21. You are truly the best person who is there to help me and love me no matter what. Happy birthday husband i will love you forever.

22. On your birthday i promise you the happiness of the world and to laugh at your lame jokes and funny faces. Happy birthday to my constant partner.

23. I am blessed to have you in my life as my life partner. Happy birthday to the most supportive pillar of my life.

24. Happy birthday to the most loyal, amazing, loving, caring husband of my life. You are my guiding light.

25. You are a perfect person in every sense. Happy Birthday husband. may all your wishes come true, have a great life ahead love.

Random Birthday wishes

*Birthday Wish from mother:*
The day when you first cried has created cheerfulness all around and that day you gave me a gift to cherish forever as motherhood. Thanks from the core of my heart baby for your first cry, Happy 1st birthday baby.

*Wish from old age home*
The best journey to live is parenthood and I had cherish from the day you born till the day to decide to live your dreams and leave as alone, Happy birthday my child and live long our wishes our always with you.

*Wish from family:*

Here comes a day to remember your first cry along with the laughter and smile from your beloved ones, Happy birthday to our source of happiness.
Wish for twin:

Our birthday makes me think of all the fun times that we have had together and the memories we have made. Here’s to another year full of fun, laughter and memories together. Happy birthday my twin sister

*Wish form parents:*

Thanks my child for these day to cherish forever till eternity, you had given as roller coaster ride to our parenthood journey which added love, smile, Struggle, hardles, laughter and what not to at the end you make as proud parent, Happy birthday CA

Every friend, lover and family members want to make the birthday of beloved one special, to make it unique and special you need to shower lovely wishes and blessings. So here we are to help you guys with warm and lovely wishes for your beloved one. We also have special birthday GIF, quotes, poem and below you can also find how to make a video.

Nowadays videos are most trending as a surprise. If you organize a party and prepare a video, you play it on LCD birthday boy/girl will be shock and this video will be a cherry on the cake for birthdays.

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